Limestone Walls, Walkways and Steps

Limestone Wall are a great alternative to boulders.

  • Comes in many different colors and thicknesses.
  • Has a sleek modern look.
  • All walls are backed with
 a filter fabric and backfilled
 with a clean fill sand.
Limestone walkways are a great border for your boulder seawall, or
just a rustic look to get you from the house to the garage.

  • Walkways are constructed from a thick limestone placed over a
    crushed stone base.
  • Pieces are placed close together
 and filled between with pea
 stone, slag or topsoil depending
 on the look you want.
Limestone steps are an excellent way to get up and down and hill in
your yard.

Step thickness is 5" to 7".

Step width can be up to 5' wide.

Many colors to choose from.
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